Village Tavern


Despite its solid longevity and presence throughout 10 US markets, Village Tavern was facing increased competition in a cluttered marketplace with limited dollars for ad spending. The popular casual dining establishment had no social presence; a vast menu, yet lack of signature focus; and a need for refined branding. We saw tremendous opportunity to help distinguish them from others while garnering increased awareness via social and traditional channels.


  • Capitalized on the fact that the restaurant’s offerings are all home-made by re-branding the concept: “Scratch Kitchen. Craft Bar.”
  • Created a unified design and brand standards consistent across all markets
  • Established overall scratch messaging and Chef’s role in the menu creation; identified top signature items for focused PR opportunities
  • Aligned Village Tavern as a place to celebrate, with specific messaging toward holidays, birthdays, and special occasions
  • Developed a content strategy for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to ensure relevance among their audiences
  • Launched a monthly e-blast program to communicate menu offerings and promotions
  • Managed and monitored all restaurant review sites to communicate feedback with individual store GMs
  • Identified and established partnerships with local food influencers to share Village Tavern experiences with their audiences
  • Embarked on a paid Yelp effort to garner additional user views


  • Successful editorial and broadcast placements including numerous chef demonstrations and coverage on the Food Network, NBC, The Charlotte Observer, The Winston-Salem Journal, The Miami Herald, The Palm Beach Post, Scottsdale
  • Increased Facebook fans from 16,000 to 24,137
  • Increased Instagram followers from 600 to 2,249
  • Generated 16,450 user views via Yelp
  • Launched e-blast program from 0 to 49,000 subscribers across the markets