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“Be visible. This is not a time to hide.”

-Lesli Cartaya Franco, Vice President | O’Connell & Goldberg Public Relations

What will the 2020-2021 academic year look like?

That’s the great unknown. Higher education survived a precarious spring semester, but colleges and universities are not out of the woods yet. Institutions must balance the need for connection with concerns for students’ health and safety. It’s crucial for institutions to remain proactive, staying one step ahead of any crisis that can unfold.

You will need a map.

How can you best prepare for what’s to come? For 27 years, O’Connell & Goldberg has guided higher education clients on ways to build relationships with their audiences, communicate effectively through media, and garner a positive reputation. We will customize a communications plan unique for your needs with a goal of rebuilding brand reputation and increasing enrollment.

Why O’Connell & Goldberg?

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