Crisis Management

We live in a society where any misstep can blow up into a worldwide embarrassment in an instant – where a misimpression can immediately be shared, posted, retweeted and repeated thousands of times before companies even had have a chance to respond.

We also see a heightened level of accountability for the behavior of corporate America and civic leadership, where merely being accused of doing something unseemly can become the equivalent of having actually done it in the public eye.  “Cancel culture” leaves no room for brands to miss the mark or employees to make a mistake.

Quite simply, it’s easier for companies to find themselves in crisis mode.

Anyone doing business today must have an updated crisis management plan.

PR is about perception…building and reshaping perceptions and re-defining them where negative ones have taken root. The real work of crisis management takes place long before you need it.

O&G has handled an array of highly charged issues across a broad spectrum of industries, implementing a variety of tactics to deliver a collaborative experience and, of course, the desired outcomes. At the core, we are counselors who provide strategy to positively impact relevant audiences, whether they be elected officials, business leaders, and/or the community at large.

Don’t wait for a crisis to happen before creating your plan.

Crisis come when they’re least expected. And, if your organization waits until one hits to start planning, you’ll likely fail to avoid catastrophe.

We lean on decades of expertise to develop guidelines to prepare our clients for emergencies or unexpected events. Components of crisis management public relations include steps to take, how to communicate with your key audiences, media training, proactive damage control and much more.

O&G has handled an array of highly charged issues and crisis management strategies for our clients across a broad spectrum of issues, including:

  • Business & personal litigation
  • Union strikes/labor issues
  • Criminal activity
  • Damaging rumors
  • Corporate takeovers
  • Product malfunction
  • Tone deaf advertising
  • Environmental issues
  • Wrongful behavior
  • Accidental deaths
  • Public health events
  • Hurricane-related disasters

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