O&G VP Shares Insight on Messaging Tactics in Higher Education

an element of bravery story image

The current higher education climate is full of messaging land mines. From volatile campus protests to the decreasing perception in the value of a degree,  escalating hostility towards universities continues to challenge leadership for response.

Our Vice President Lesli Franco recently talked with Claudia Civinini for her QS Insights Magazine article, “An Element of Bravery,” sharing her perspective on the current landscape. 

In her commentary, Franco stressed the importance of nurturing strong bonds with stakeholders through community engagement, transparent communication and the dissemination of positive narratives through storytelling.

By utilizing third-party advocates and implementing a vetting process to determine the need for response, she shares, institutions can counteract negative stereotypes and political attacks. 

Read the full article from QS Insight Magazine and review her top tips for responding to negative press here.