O’Connell & Goldberg Named One of 2024’s Top-100 Women-Led Businesses

Barbara Goldberg accepting an award for O&G being one of the Top-100 Women Led Businesses in FL for 2024

O’Connell & Goldberg is honored to be recognized as one of 2024’s Top-100 Women-Led Businesses in Florida.

The award was presented by The Women’s Edge, a non-profit focused on advancing women in leadership positions across various industries, with chapters in Massachusetts and Florida.

At O&G, the spirit of female leadership is always recognized as our CEO Barbara Goldberg’s visionary leadership has helped propel O&G to new heights for the past 31 years.  

Her leadership is the very embodiment of our mission, “Good People Make Good News” and her dedication to fostering a culture of excellence inspires employees and clients alike.

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