First for Women Highlights EVEXIAS Health Founders’ Expertise

older woman having a hot flash while laying in bed

Ever feel like your bed’s secretly a sauna at night?

You’re not alone!

Terri DeNeui, DNP, a board-certified nurse practitioner, hormone health expert, founder of EVEXIAS Health Solutions and an OG #GoodClient, sheds light in the latest First For Women article on why hot flashes are often more intense at night during menopause.

She explains how hormonal fluctuations, particularly the decrease in estrogen levels, can disrupt the body’s internal thermostat, leading to increased sensitivity to temperature changes.

Additionally, the article discusses lifestyle factors that can exacerbate nighttime hot flashes and offers practical tips for managing them, providing valuable information and support for women experiencing this common symptom of menopause.

To read Dr. DeNeui’s insight and learn more about hot flashes view the full article here.

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