A Look at The 8 Best Online Help Resources for Depression in 2021

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A quick look at the 8 best online help resources for depression:

Depression is a common mental health condition. The COVID-19 pandemic has especially caused an increase in mental health symptoms: In June 2020, 40 percentTrusted Source of U.S. adults reported they struggle with mental health issues, a significant increase from 2019.

More and more people are turning to online therapy for help managing their depression. But how do you know whether online help for depression is right for you? Here, we’ll discuss some of the best online depression resources and how they stack up.

Does it work?

“While there are some clients who prefer in-person therapy, others have benefited tremendously from telehealth,” explains Jessica Ruiz, PsyD, chief psychologist and director of Behavioral Health Associates of Broward, the Counseling Centers for Goodman Jewish Family Services in Davie, Florida.

Therapists online can provide much of the same interventions that are provided in an office setting.

Online therapy is convenient. Being in your own home can be helpful when it comes to receiving therapy for depression, especially if your symptoms are more severe.

Ruiz has noticed that some people find the physical distance offered by online therapy allows them the space to experience and feel emotions that they may struggle with when they’re in the office with their therapist.

That said, you might find your needs aren’t being addressed as effectively as if you were in person with a therapist.

According to Ruiz, “Those needing a high level of care, have difficulty connecting through a virtual format, or rely heavily on body language to help them feel safe may fair better receiving services in the presence of their therapist.”

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