Homeschooling vs. Teaching: Why one Las Vegas mother made the change


Norma Cohn says she’s always been interested in having control over her nine-year-old son’s education, so when COVID-19 closed schools, it was the push she needed to act on it.

“I’ve been wanting to homeschool him, so I was like ‘this is it.’ I just jumped in and I enrolled him immediately,” Cohn explained.

Norma enrolled her son in Time4Learning, a homeschooling program that works with families and provides an online curriculum for its students.

“I get to have a lot of input in what he’s doing,” said Cohn.

John Edelson is the president of Time4Learning, and while he stresses that teaching a public-school curriculum from home doesn’t classify as homeschooling, he has some advice for parents who have been forced to educate their kids under a quarantine.

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