They’re in their 80s and 90s, but they’re not stopping. Their secrets for staying young.

Recently Eileen Alkabes sent me an email.

“Are you really only as young as you feel?” “Is 80 the new 60?” and “Can having a strong sense of purpose and meaning in life add years to one’s life?” she asked.

I thought about myself, now almost 82, and still working as a journalist. Working helps keep me feeling young. I am active in my church; love baking pound cakes and giving them to people to cheer them up; and most recently, I taught two of my goddaughters, who are 12 and 16, to sew. And I help with my great-grandchildren.

So, with a resounding “Yes,” I say 80 is the new 60. And I am not alone in being an active octogenarian. And while I love my grandchildren and great-grandchildren, I have never seen myself as a rocking chair grandma.

Apparently, neither does Dolores Gordon, who at 92, still volunteers one day a week for the Aventura Police Department, and one day for Aventura Hospital. “I’ve been a volunteer for 26 years,” she said.

Gordon lives at the Vi at Aventura, a retirement community. Helping others and keeping busy is what helps keep her young, she said.

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