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By: Nicole Birnbaum

Delivery! Who doesn’t love hearing that word? I certainly do! Subscriptions box services have become a dominating trend, carving a place for themselves in nearly every consumer retail category.  E-commerce continues to serve as a growing way for Americans to buy products, with an increasing popularity surrounding personalization and automation. Here are the reasons I believe subscription boxes will continue to thrive:

1.No-Hassle Factor

Subscription box consumers are attracted to the trend because it streamlines purchases, allowing us to subscribe to a service and receive items personalized to what we need. After hearing about Birchbox, the category’s undeniable leader, I decided to try it out for myself and complete a “Beauty Profile.” Once I filled out a questionnaire about skin tone, hair type and products I was dying to try, I opened my door each month to find a little surprise for myself without ever leaving my house – I earned it!

2.Tailored to You

As a millennial, I value maintaining a sense of individuality. So, I believe the best way to brand myself as a person is to invest in products that represent my personal style and make me unique. Through subscription customization, subscribers are able to complete a user profile to determine their personal style and tastes, curated to each individual. Trunk Club, a personal styling service, sets you up with a personal shopper and shows you photos of different outfits to learn your aesthetic. If you can’t last a day without a cup of coffee, MistoBox sends you four types of coffee chosen by a personal coffee curator once you fill out a quiz. They say, “You can’t have a PR person without a cup of coffee,” so this would be perfect for my office.

3.Element of Surprise (sort of)

I think of these boxes as the “gift that keeps on giving,” because it perpetuates excitement when it arrives month after month. Loot Crate, perfect for any self-proclaimed “nerd,” sends a monthly assortment of collectibles and t-shirts, so every fandom can experience their own Comic-Con in a box. These boxes stand out in the industry because they allow for the suspense of opening a gift that’s hand-picked for you, without knowing its exact contents. RocksBox sends three pieces of jewelry after creating a “Wish List,” that your personal stylist has hand-picked to your represented style. After falling in love with the accessories, you might be ready to change it up. Don’t worry – RocksBox allows customers to swap products out as many times as they want, making the recipient uncertain of what will come next.

4.Share-worthy Content

I am constantly craving new experiences, and subscription boxes satisfy that need in a fun, engaging way. With options ranging from beauty brands, to video games and dog toys, there’s something for nearly every interest. As a millennial, I know my first instinct would be to take to social media. Between the packaging style to the products themselves, boxes are visually appealing and lend themselves well to platforms such as Instagram. BarkBox, ideal for all the pup lovers out there, sends a monthly assortment of dog toys and treats – who wouldn’t want to see photographic evidence of your furry friend opening his own mail? This high propensity for social sharing provides not only great user-generated content for subscription box brands, but essentially – free advertising.

So, what makes people stay subscribed? For me, it’s the element of not knowing what I’m about to receive…but knowing I’m going to love it. To all the subscription boxaholics out there – I want to hear from you. There’s a box for just about anything out there, but if you could dream of your perfect box, what would be in it?   

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