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By: Sasha Blaney

Beyoncé has given only one interview in the past two and a half years – yet every time she comes out with a new album, song, or more recently, a clothing line, the media world explodes. Last week, Beyoncé released a trailer for Lemonade and traditional and social media covered the news for days with their thoughts on what it could be – putting her name and her brand at the forefront of news.

This past weekend the full version of Lemonade aired and, since then, the world has been swarmed with images of bees and lemons. It’s been three days and everyone is still talking about the album reveal, how does “Queen B” do it?

She cuts through the clutter.

Today, brands are forced to be more creative than ever, exploring new ways to promote themselves outside of traditional media – and Beyoncé is a great example of how to successfully achieve this.

While she has been using non-traditional media to launch her products, there are three standard PR practices at the core of her message that I would argue are the keys to her success.

Get in Formation with your audience

Knowing who your audience is and where they acquire their news is the foundation of any strong PR campaign. As PR professionals, our number one goal is to get our clients in front of decision makers.

Beyoncé was aware that if she secured the Super Bowl halftime spot her fans would be watching – even if they don’t love football. She expertly used this opportunity to not only launch a new song, but also announce a world tour.

Make your media list Flawless

As previously noted, the internet plays a huge role in the way people consume news – whether that be through traditional or social media. Targeting the correct publication will help propel the message to the correct decision makers.

While Beyoncé has foregone traditional media interviews for quite some time, she recently embraced it (to a point) when she launched her new clothing line – Ivy Park. She participated in an exclusive interview with Elle Magazine  –  allowing her to control the message, secure the cover, and reach her direct consumer, thus teaching us that a targeted media strategy (no spray and pray here) is the key to success.

Provide Irreplaceable messaging

Be brief! When clients finally have the interview, they should keep responses brief, allowing people to consume the news easily – whether or not they understand the subject at hand. Particularly in this day and age when everyone’s attention spans have reached an all-time low, controlling the message and focusing on three main talking points is crucial.

“Queen B” is the poster child for these situations – case in point the recent HBO trailer. She revealed just enough to pique the interest of her built-in fan base while also providing them with a date/time to learn more.

Even when Lemonade finally did air, Beyoncé maintained control of her message and left the audience wanting more, which lead to articles like USA Today’s  “5 things we learned from Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ special” helping keep the conversation going long after the segment aired.

In a world where the lines of social and traditional media are blurred, it is easy to overexpose a brand, but staying true to the mission and controlling the message can be done if basic PR practices are implemented.  Sometimes, the best things are never had.


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