Our Inspiring Visit to Women in Distress

Jillian Silo
By Jillian Goltzman

O'Connell & Goldberg PR volunteers at Women in Distress

If you know O&G, you are well-attuned with our mission “Good People Make Good News.” Sometimes, in addition to making good news, we simply do good. During the past few months, we partnered with Women In Distress, a full service domestic violence center serving Broward County, for a project we’ll never forget.

After hosting a month-long donation drive, we filled boxes upon boxes of clothing, cosmetics, cleaning supplies and home goods to be donated to Women In Distress. To make our drop off memorable, we planned a visit to the center to host an inspirational craft project with the families.

Prepping for the event took time. Sure, we may craft press releases all day long at work, but we quickly realized that glitter and glue are not commonly in a PR pro’s toolbox. We decided to stick to what we know best and share our love of social media. Our craft of choice? A motivational board inspired by Pinterest.

More than 50 participants filled the room to create a board that showcased the values they hold dear. Each was asked to choose a word that resonated with their inner self and the results were enlightening. Positivity was everywhere – “courage,” “trust,” “love,” “strength,” and more were pasted on blank paper that soon transformed into touching representations adorned with elements of their passions and dreams – something we were grateful to have shared with us.

Did we mention there were more than a dozen children? Karen sang songs, Sofia hosted an impressive game of Simon Says, Jeff used more child-sized scissors than he would have ever imagined, and the entire O&G staff lit up as we circulated the room to celebrate the accomplishments of these strong families.

PR is a whirlwind of a career. From managing our expanding inbox to attending meetings, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the day’s work. Making time to celebrate strength, finding the good in people, showing gratitude and compassion, and learning from others – now, those are the tasks worth adding to our to-do list.

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