By Barbara Goldberg

Earlier this week, the New York Times Editorial Board recommended that Anthony Weiner remove himself from the New York City mayoral race. Weiner, whose latest round of embarrassing and juvenile sexting has been brought to the public, had said this activity was behind him.  Yet, this latest episode took place only a few months prior to another run at public office,

tumblr_inline_mqi4ncuY7V1qz4rgpToo soon, folks.  Too soon.

Yes, I understand the argument that humans are flawed and make mistakes.  And that candidates are only human.

I also accept that there are others in the public eye who have done ‘far worse’ than send lewd messages and crotch pics to women.

And I believe we are a nation who possesses the ability to accept, forgive and move on.

Got it all.  But I’m tired of it.  Nobody put a gun to Weiner’s head and forced him to attempt to serve the greater good.  Nobody dragged him into this race.  He opted for this and knew the risks involved.   That, along with the power and glory, come expectations…like responsibility.  Good judgement.  And character.  Let’s face facts — the appealing lure of acceptance from others means earning the trust and credibility from the very same audience.

Don’t like it?  Then pick a different career path.

One can argue that this is nobody’s business, a private matter.  But we live in a society where media continues to set the news agenda and consumer journalism often trumps it.  A news conference was held but these texts would have found their way to the public arena no matter what.  Newsflash:  social platforms are not private conversations.  Indeed, the fine lines over what’s personal and what’s public have blurred – especially when it comes to politics.  It isn’t pretty.  It isn’t easy.  It isn’t always fair.  But it’s reality.  You want to take on bigger responsibility and serve the public?  Then, grow up and act the part.

Step down, Anthony, and move on.  Save your wife from future humiliation.  Work on your marriage privately and give New York City residents something they truly deserve:  a viable candidate with solid judgement and character.

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