Why O&G?

The world has enough bad news already. All too often, it’s the negative that seems to draw the attention – the crazy, the loud, the corrupt. O&G was founded by two people with one wish: to live in a world with more good news. We’re moved by kind hearts, good intentions, lovable pets, and books with happy endings. We will always give the best of who we are and use the power of communication for good. It’s less about what we do for a living and more about who we are as people. And we seek that same light within those who work with us. We know we can’t make everything better, but that won’t stop us from trying. Because that’s how good news always gets started.

We are a full-service communications company that helps clients build relationships with their audience.  Since 1993, we’ve been proudly working with forward-thinking brands representing a wide range of industries, including retail, real estate, hospitality, food & beverage, health care, higher education and non-profit.

Services include

Good People

Barbara Goldberg
Barbara Goldberg
CEO & Founding Partner
Matt Levinson
Chief Operating Officer
Lesli Standard
Lesli Franco
Vice President
Melinda Sherwood_1
Melinda Sherwood
Vice President
Sarah Caro_1
Sarah Caro
Account Director
Kirsten Paindiris
Creative Director
Britney Standard
Britney Ouzts
Account Supervisor
Maylis Standard
Maylis Feliz
People and Culture Manager
Steph Standard
Stephanie Goenaga
Communications Strategist
Eileen Standard
Eileen Alkabes
Communications Strategist
Anita Standard
Anita Roman
Social Media Consultant
Josie Smith_1
Josie Smith
Senior Account Executive
Jessica-Lynn Carvajal_1
Jessica-Lynn Carvajal
Senior Account Executive
Carson Celio
Account Executive
Hailey Fine
Hailey Fine
Account Coordinator
Tracy - PR team
Tracy Yosef
Operations Coordinator
Presentation is everything. Domino Arts does it for you.
Rosie Goldberg
Director of Drool
_Good Pets_Chip
Chip Levinson
Quincy Levinson
Buddy Paindiris
Rebel Goenaga
Jack Caro
Jack Caro
Shiloh Ouzts
Shiloh Ouzts
Coco Fine
CoCo Fine
Charlotte Stella Brown Sherwood
Charlotte Sherwood

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