LUX Products Corporation Donates Wi-Fi Connected Thermostats to All-State Career School-Essington HVAC/R Program

ESSINGTON, Pa. – The Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration program (HVAC/R) at All-State Career School-Essington provides students hands-on training to succeed in the industry – from basic thermostats to new, advanced technology.

To further enhance the HVAC/R learning experience and ensure graduates are well-trained in one of the industry’s largest growth trends, LUX Products Corporation is donating 18 brand new GEO Wi-Fi connected thermostats, often referred to as “Smart Thermostats,” to the program for use in class and during training.

“We welcome the addition of the Wi-Fi thermostats from Lux Products as they will help prepare our graduates for the technologically advanced products that are emerging in the HVAC/R field,” said Campus President Edward Rito. “In fact, we hope to install advanced Wi-Fi thermostats throughout our campus, enabling our students to get real ‘on-the-job’ training as part of the installation.”

LUX is a privately-held company based in Philadelphia, with an R&D center in Hong Kong, manufacturing in Asia and packaging and distribution plant in Laredo, TX. With more than 100 years of experience delivering reliable products for the way people live with a priority on home comfort, LUX is one of the largest brands of thermostats. The company sells more than one million thermostats each year and has garnered a Best Buy rating from a top, well-regarded consumer magazine. LUX is dedicated to bringing innovate ideas for comfortable living to market for today and for the future.

In addition to the technical skills learned and practiced at campus labs and on external projects, students at All-State Career School, a postsecondary education provider in Essington, Pa., also are schooled in professionalism. The driving force behind this innovative, positive approach is Program Chair David Fuchs, who refers to everyone enrolled in his program as “technicians” rather than just students. Additionally, members of the HVAC/R program participate in a mock service company and must always act, dress, and follow standard industry practices while on campus.

“This is a part of All-State’s curriculum that is sorely lacking from most HVAC/R training programs,” said Kurt Mease, Technical Manager at LUX Products Corp. “Besides being taught these valued-added ‘soft’ skills, students who learn and practice with Wi-Fi connected thermostats likely will make for better-prepared graduates when entering the workforce.”

In addition to LUX Product Corporation’s donation of Wi-Fi connected thermostats, Mease is lending his personal experience and expertise to the campus as the newest member of the HVAC/R Program Advisory Committee. “It’s a ‘win-win’ all around for our campus and our HVAC/R program,” Rito added.

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