Image of Donald Trump made entirely out of marshmallow PEEPS on Hollywood Beach

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Part of the Diplomat Resort’s art competition with Miami International University of Art & Design students using only the popular Easter candy
By Lesley Abravanel | @LesleyAbravanel

Because you haven’t seen enough coverage of Donald Trump, (like that Twitter war with Elizabeth Warren) now you can see him in rare form — no, really — made of marshmallow PEEPS at the Diplomat Resort & Spa Hollywood’s second annual pop-up PEEPs art exhibit.

Twenty-five students from the Miami International University of Art & Design created pieces of art using only the colorful, pliable sugary Easter candy. The students will be competing for a chance to win a two-night stay at the resort and a $500 scholarship.

The exhibit will be in the lobby of the hotel, and open for public viewing from March 26 – April 2. During that time the community will be invited to vote one winner the “PEEPles Choice.” (A Trump-inspired PEEP diorama just won The Washington Post’s 2016 competition!)

If you ask Trump, his is the greatest, but will he be the big winner? Stay tuned.