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CASE STUDY | W Fort Lauderdale


In 2009, W Hotels was set to introduce its unique brand of casual elegance and sophistication to South Florida with the opening of W Fort Lauderdale. But W’s plan faced major challenges. Due to the recession, tourism was down across the region and it had become trendy for corporations to avoid luxury destinations. In just eight months, O&G’s successful PR initiative introduced W Fort Lauderdale to the South Florida market.

  • Developed and executed creative PR strategy emphasizing brand’s hip style and WHATEVER/WHENEVER philosophy instead of lavishness
  • Focused on unique W programs, such as its Talent Center (off-site hiring office) and “You be the Fudge” contest (choosing Brownie for W’s Bliss Spa)
  • Generated business coverage by positioning hotel as alternative to pricey South Beach and offering reporters “sneak preview” tours of its innovative design
  • Oversaw Opening Celebration PR from before sunrise to well past midnight, including interviews with W leadership, Purple Carpet coverage (Cindy Crawford and Blake Lively!), and live “behind the scenes” coverage
  • 31 print placements with a total circulation of 6,248,983
  • 77 online placements with more than 633 million visitors per month
  • 46 broadcast placements with a total viewership of more than 1.2 million
  • More than 150 media hits with a total ad value greater than $600,000