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CASE STUDY | Cleveland Clinic


When Tenet’s Cleveland Clinic in Weston, Fla., launched its new Da Vinci Surgical System, the hospital wanted to publicize the event. However, a competing hospital already had debuted the technology to widespread publicity months before. Our challenge was to find a news hook that would appeal to media and entice them to cover the story once again.

  • Our research told us robotic surgery’s greatest benefit was in the precision with which it was performed – but, how could we best showcase that?
  • We turned to Leonardo da Vinci himself for inspiration – more precisely…to his art
  • Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa became our “patient” and an artist our “surgeon”
  • Demonstrating how precise and easy-to-use the surgical system was, our artist added Mona Lisa’s enigmatic smile to a replica of the masterpiece using only the system’s robotic arms
  • The result: The Art of Leonardo da Vinci Meets Cutting-Edge Surgical Technology
  • The theatric demonstration showcased the surgical tool in a way various audiences could readily understand and appreciate
  • The event dramatically reinforced the exacting capabilities of the new system
  • Cleveland Clinic’s Da Vinci Surgical System was featured by four television stations, two major daily newspapers and an assortment of community publications
  • The hospital’s new equipment was positioned to diverse audiences as the latest cutting-edge technology