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CASE STUDY | Center for Cancer Care & Research
Overview Our PR efforts for the grand opening of Lakeland’s Center for Cancer Care and Research had to address three important challenges: (1) rebuild the individual brand equities of two different medical groups coming together to form the center; (2) accurately portray the arrangement among the two physician groups; and, perhaps most important, (3) distinguish it from a larger nearby cancer facility that also had recently opened.
  • Rather than focusing on cancer, we developed the grand opening around “healing”
  • At the same time, we wanted to emphasize the magnitude of the healing care provided by our client to counterbalance the competitor’s name equity and head start
  • If we could gather “giants” of healing for our event – who would they be? We came up with Hippocrates, Madame Curie, Jonas Salk, and Florence Nightingale, among others
  • We conceived “The Giants of Healing” utilizing oversized images that, when theatrically lighted, dramatically appeared in the center’s two-story windows
  • A scripted presentation accompanied by music rounded out the grand opening event
  • The audience was star-struck
  • We captured the imagination of everyone present, including local and Tampa media
  • The talk of the town, our event created brand awareness and prestige for our client
  • The director of Clinical Services said: “The event was a tremendous success… everyone in the community is talking about it.  We couldn’t have pulled it off without you.”