Celebrate Wellness: Successful Marriage Tips



“I was just telling her at breakfast how much I was in love with her now just as much as when I met her,” said Leo Goldner.

Leo and Marian Goldner were just teenagers when they met back in 1940. Fast forward 8 decades and the two are getting ready to celebrate their 76th wedding anniversary.

“I’m so proud of her. I’m proud of you too.”

95 year old Leo is a World War II combat veteran who created a successful business with $100 to his name. 96 year old Marian is a dedicated mother, grandmother and an accomplished writer.

“I tell her I love her, don’t I,” said Leo.

The secret to their successful marriage:

First, affection. From kind embraces to kind words.

Their second tip is more of a luxury than a requirement: separate bathrooms.

“Most of our marriage we have had separate bathrooms fortunately. There might have been some more fights if we didn’t have them,” said Marian.

Lastly, “live a manageable life.” For the Goldners it meant moving to the Vi, a retirement community, where they could focus on each other.


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