Jackie Soffer Continues to Bring Museum-Level Art to Aventura Mall in Miami


The shopping center features public installations by artists such as Carsten Höller, the Haas brothers, and FriendsWithYou.

At the Aventura Mall in Miami-Dade County, art and commerce live side by side. Turnberry chief executive officer Jackie Soffer has been adding and commissioning pieces for the shopping center for 12 years, bringing renowned contemporary art to the center.

“When you look at art in public places, usually it’s in areas where people congregate,” says Soffer. “In Miami, we’re a bit of a town center. The concept when we started the program was, we can invest in some great art, we can publicly display it, and we can give people an experience that they otherwise wouldn’t have.” With annual visitors to the mall hovering around the 28 million mark, they also have the benefit of visibility.

“We are in the Miami market, and art is something that’s very important in Miami because of Art Basel, and it’s really put Miami on the map,” adds Soffer, whose husband, Craig Robins, owns Design Miami/ and has taken a similar approach with public art in the city’s Design District. “He makes fun of me all the time because he says I copy him, but I actually started the art program before I met him,” she quips. It was through Robbins’ Design Miami/ that she met the Haas brothers, who were recently commissioned to create a fountain for the Aventura, their first public art installation and one of the mall’s newest acquisitions. Another recent addition is a giant experiential slide by Carsten Höller.

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